Teaching activities in the following courses:

  • Coastal Dynamics 2 (CT4309)
  • Hydraulic Fieldwork (CT5318)
  • Introduction to Water and Climate (CT3367), blended with MOOC 

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Involvement in BSc projects and MSc thesis projects. If you are interested in a project, please send an email.

Past MSc thesis supervision (report can be found on the repository):

  1. Claudia de Abreu Morphological behavior of a non-equilibrium coastal profile: The response of the Maasvlakte-2 outer contour to a storm event.
  2. Roeland de Zeeuw Nearshore currents and swimmer safety in the Netherlands.
  3. Fernanda Achete Morphodynamics of the Ameland Bornrif: An analogue for the Sand Engine.
  4. Antoon Hendriks The impact of re-surfacing groins on hydrodynamics and sediment transport at the Delfland coast.
  5. Gerard Schlooz Convex coastline induced rip currents at the Sand Engine.
  6. Gundula Winter Rip Current Characteristics at the Dutch Coast: Egmond aan Zee.
  7. Victoria Curto Reshaping of beach nourishments under high angle wave incidence.
  8. Jeroen de Kort An assessment on hydro- and morphodynamic processes at the Sand Motor during the Decemberstorm of 2013.
  9. Tan Yeow Chong Assessment of beach states at the Sand Motor on the basis of alongshore variability in bathymetry data.
  10. Roderik Hoekstra Pilot Sand Groynes Delfland Coast: Efficiency and practical feasibility of a pulse nourishment.
  11. Wilmar Zeelenberg Tidal Flow separation at the Sand Motor.
  12. Astrid Vargas Solis Impact of beach states on net longshore sediment transport.
  13. Paul Notenboom An intrinsic sediment tracing method using natural quartz and feldspar luminescence.
  14. Sybrand Balkema Non-Hydrostatic Modelling of Waves in Layered Fluids.
  15. Dirk Rijnsdorp Numerical modelling of infragravity waves in coastal regions.
  16. Bas van Son Monitoring and modeling nearshore morphodynamic behaviour on storm time scales.
  17. Guido Cats Numerical modelling of wave-current interaction with the use of a two way coupled system.
  18. Ben de Weerd Effectiveness of the Sand Engine, objective evaluation with the Frame of Reference approach.
  19. Jules Schmedding Numerical harbour simulations with the model TRIWAQ -NH: With an emphasis on the present reflective properties.
  20. Niels Mani Feasibility study for quantification and validation of the lane differences for rowing.