Research & Projects


MegaPEX (2014) Multi-disciplinary international field experiment (MEGA Perturbation Experiment). A six weeks field experiment organized in fall of 2014 at the Zandmotor. Over 40 researchers from various disciplines joined with participants from the UK, USA, Sweden and South Africa. Documentary and youtube movies of the experiment can be found here.

^Simulation of short crested waves approaching a beach


NatureCoast (2012-2017) NWO-STW project centered around the Zandmotor. Multi-disciplinary project with 12 different research departments at various university; projects ranging from geochemistry to governance.

Removal and creation of Sand Bar Patterns at Palm Beach, Australia


NEMO (2012-2016) European Research Council project to investigate medium scale (~20 km), medium term (~10 yr) coastal change.


Zandmotor (2011 onward). A pilot project for a large scale feeder nourishment. A large (1 by 2 km) sandy peninsula is created with the intention to feed the surrounding coast. (Aerial photographs of the project)

Zandmotor/Sand Engine project from seen from the Sentinel satellite

Building with Nature

Building with Nature (2010 – 2014) The Building with Nature consortium consists of two large Dutch dredging firms, government parties and a variety of engineering consultants with the aim to investigate and promote the use of natural forces in hydraulic engineering.

Simulation of Sand Bar patterns developing at a beach (click for animation, colors are bed levels)

Nemo Jetski Survey system

Nemo Jetski Survey system (2009) Following the example of some great research groups in the US, a jetski was equipped with instruments to do coastal measurements.