Hassan Niazi


Hassan is a civil engineer, specialized in hydraulic engineering, from FAST-NU Pakistan, NTNU Norway, SOTON UK, and TU Delft, The Netherlands. Currently, he has been working in coastal engineering section as a researcher studying nature-based engineered systems and in flood risk section as an education assistant to improve master-level courses. In the past, along with academia, he has also worked with engineering constants like Deltares and Mott MacDonald. He also maintains a portfolio of photography and entrepreneurial endeavours.


Nature-based Engineered Systems, Flood Risk & Bayesian Networks
Hassan’s nascent research portfolio has quickly evolved from small spatial scales problems to large system-level problems in water engineering. Currently, his research grounds on system-based  engineering of water related issues using nature-based solutions. This is being applied to flood risk mitigation and turtle nesting projects in Netherlands and Saudi Arabia respectively. Most of his research methods hinges on numerical and probabilistic modeling. His other topics of interest include dependence modelling, game theory and water-food-energy nexus.

Educational Activities

Hassan is involved as an education assistant for improving CIE4130 Probabilistic Design and CIE5310 Probabilistic Design in Hydraulic Engineering.


  1. Red Sea Project: Nature-based engineered system
    Finding ideal conditions for a hydrodynamics-driven beach-turtle-seagrass nexus to prevail.
  2. Building with nature solutions for flood defences
    Dependence modelling of vegetated foreshores which caters spatial and temporal variability of parameters.
  3. Education Project
    Improving master-level courses related to probabilistic design.


  • Distinction in MSc Civil Engineering by University of Southampton, UK
  • Erasmus+ Scholarship for Master in Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management by European Commission
  • Magna Cum Laude, Rector's and Dean's list of Honour in BSc Civil Engineering by FAST-NU, Pakistan

Hassan Niazi

Researcher and Education Assistant

Presence: Mon - Fri


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