Jill Hanssen


Jill Hanssen's route towards her PhD position is not the standard one. She graduated at the university of applied sciences (HBO) and worked at the water management department of the city Sittad-Geleen. With this hands on experience she went to TU Delft for her MSc. For two years she worked as junior advisor/ researcher at Deltares at the department Ecosystems and Sediment Dynamics. October 2018 she came back to the TU Delft for her PhD.


Muddy coastlines are the hometown of many different birds, (shell)fish, and other species. No bounty beaches but indispensable for the ecosystem. The areas are shaped by complex interactions between hydrodynamics, biology and sedimentology. Moreover climate change and human interference result in more questions about how we can preserve the muddy coasts in a sustainable manner. In this project she studies the behaviour of mudflats and their impact and respond on changing conditions in deltaic areas.

Jill Hanssen

PhD Student

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