Alejandra Gijón Mancheño


Alejandra studied a BSc in Civil Engineering in Sevilla, Spain. After her degree she wanted to travel and learn in different countries, and decided to do an Erasmus master in Coastal Engineering between TU Delft, NTNU and University of Southampton. During her MSc thesis she had her first contact with ecosystem engineering, by studying how flexible plants attenuate waves. She really liked this relatively new approach and decided to do a PhD on the topic.


Within her PhD she researches how to restore mangrove trees using brushwood and bamboo structures. She studies how this structures dissipate energy, with the purpose of finding which designs are optimum and providing design tools for their implementation.

 She was lucky to live in her study site in Indonesia during 4 months of fieldwork. Here in Delft, she has guided MSc students conducting flume experiments, conducted morphodynamic data analysis and done modelling in SWASH.

(Key) Publications

Hard Structures for Coastal Protection, Towards Greener Designs. Schoonees et al. (2019).

Alejandra Gijón Mancheño

PhD student