Erik Hendriks


Since May 2016, Erik Hendriks has been working at TU Delft as a PhD candidate. Prior to that, he obtained his MSc from the Double Degree Programme ‘Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management' at the National University of Singapore and TU Delft. During his studies, he developed a keen interest in the dynamics of fine (cohesive) sediment.


As a PhD student in the SANDBOX project, his main interest lies in understanding fine sediment transport patterns in the North Sea. Understanding these patterns, and how they are influenced by human activities, is crucial in preserving the North Sea ecosystem. Offshore operations in the North Sea can only be carried out sustainably, when we improve our physical understanding of the system.

Educational Activities

Erik is involved in the MSc course Sediment Dynamics (CIE4308). This course gives an introduction into the fascinating field of fine (cohesive) sediment transport and associated processes.


Apart from his work as a PhD student, he also works part-time as an advisor at the Ecosystems and Sediment Dynamics department of Deltares. In this position, he is applying the findings of his PhD research in daily practice.

Erik Hendriks

PhD student

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Secondary company: Deltares