Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory

The Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory has as mission to offer the opportunity of practical work and demonstrations for teaching and research in the fields of Hydraulic Engineering and Fluid Mechanics. Working with tangible water and fluid flows is of crucial importance for a good hydraulic engineering education. The laboratory provides the facilities for students (BSc, MSc and PhD level) and researchers.

In the laboratory and in the field, students and researchers can conduct state-of-the-art physical-experimental research in the subjects treated by the Hydraulic Engineering department. The studied flows are mainly characterized by the presence of a free surface. Shallow-water turbulence, sediment transport, and surface wave motion are some examples of research fields in which scientific research is conducted at the highest scientific level. All tests are performed according to the faculty safety standards to ensure the wellbeing of the staff, students and researchers.

The core activities are managing, procuring and maintaining the test facilities and equipment in the laboratory and for field measurements. The activities include setting up, performing and processing of measurements in experiments. Furthermore, experimental set-ups and apparatus are designed, maintained and constructed. The laboratory organization includes a major field measurement section where field measurement equipment for courses and research is developed and prepared, and assistance is given for field measurement campaigns.