Hofland, B. (Bas)


Bas Hofland holds an MSc and PhD degree from Delft University of Technology. Bas has been active in research, advise, and modelling of coastal and hydraulic structures since 1999. This work has been done both in an academic environment, as well as in a more applied environment at Deltares. He is experienced in coastal engineering, as well as many aspects of fluid mechanics, like turbulence and wave dynamics. Over the years he was involved in teaching and knowledge transfer by giving courses and lectures, by guiding MSc and PhD students, and by publishing regularly. He has been involved in consulting and research work involving the development and application of the latest design practices. He evaluated, and made designs for, many Dutch coastal structures (e.g. Maasvlakte 2, IJmuiden, Eemshaven, Afsluitdijk), as well as many structures abroad (e.g. Russia, Middle East, Australia). The main tool he applied for this advisory work is physical modelling, which he also developed further. He contributed to manuals like the Rock Manual and EurOtop manual. Moreover, he was involved in the design of modelling facilities (including the Delta Flume), and the development of measurement techniques.


Bas Hofland is involved in the following research projects:   

  • Dynamica van kunstwerken Afsluitdijk (2016-2019) Dynamische belastingen (door o.a. golfklappen) op de kunstwerken van de Afsluitdijk. (PI) 
  • Dynamics of Hydraulic Structures - DynaHicS (2017-2021) NWO funded project on the dynamic loading of hydraulic structures by wave impacts. (PI) 
  • Spray Water (2018-2022) NWO funded project on spray formation due to wave impacts. (PI) 
  • Bresdefender (2019-2022) Studie betreffende het multifunctioneel gebruik van militair materieel voor noodmaatregelen tegen overstromingen. Samen met de Nederlandse Defensie Academie. 
  • Woods vs. Waves (2018) Large scale tests on hybrid flood defence with willow forest (funding by a large consortium of companies, governments and ngo's)   
  • Veldmetingen golfbelasting NO Groningen (2017-2021) Begeleiding van promovendus in het veldmetingen project voor de hydraulische belastingen van de Groningse zeeweringen van Waterschap Noorderzijlvest. 
  • Oblique wave loads on armour units - Rodbreak (2017) EU (Hydralab) funded project on the stability of breakwater armour under oblique wave attack.   
  • Wave loads on walls - WaLoWa (2016) EU (Hydralab) funded project on the large scale validation of wave loads on dike mounted walls or buildings

Educational Activities

  • 2016 - present: CIE4310 Bed, Bank and Shore Protection (4 ECTS)
  • 2017 - present: CIE5030 MSc Thesis CoMEM (30 ECTS)

Bas Hofland

Associate Professor of Coastal Structures & Lecturer of Bed, Bank and Shoreline Protection

Presence: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

Secondary company: Deltares