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1974 - 1975

Design of coastal structures, harbour facilities and shipyards
1975 - 1976 Earthmoving, harbour and railroad construction ( Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia )
1976 - 1982 Design of the Storm Surge Barrier Oosterschelde. The Barrier is the last part of the Delta Plan protecting Holland against storm surges on the North Sea
  • Probabilistic approach of hydraulic loading
  • Risk analysis of the total system of the Barrier and probabilistic design calculations
  • Hydraulic model tests on elements of the Barrier consisting of large rocks (sill, bottomprotection)
  • Research on heavy floating equipment designed to assemble the heavy prefabricated concrete elements of the Barrier in full sea
  • Prediction of current velocities during the construction of the Barrier with mathematical tidal models
  • Research on and design of the breakwaters connecting the Barrier with the mainland
1980Design and risk analysis of an oil exploration island in the Beaufort Sea, Dome Petroleum, Calgary. The main structure of the island was formed by an wave breaking rectangular caisson wall.
1981Expert witness in the Whitstable Sea wall Enquiry, Canterbury City Council. The Sea Wall consisted of a wave breaking and sea retaining wall with a pebble beach in front
1985Design of the closure of a tidal estuary in Germany, Vordeichung Hattstedter Marsch
1982 - 1987 Research and hydraulic engineering manager of the Storm Surge Barrier Oosterschelde
1985 - 1987 Member of the managent team of the Pump storage scheme (P.A.C) project.
  • Economic feasibility study of the pump storage scheme, investment analysis, cashflow analysis
  • Economic optimization of the design
  • Risk analysis of the design
  • Probabilistic calculations
1987Member of a committee of the Ministry of Housing, Planning and Environment (VROM) on Quality Assurance in the Building Industry (Report: Kwaliteitszorg in de bouw, Den Haag 1987)
1987Design of the River Training works for the Jamuna Bridge in Bangladesh Risk analysis and probabilistic design of the total bridge (approaches, steel structure, river training works and river embankments)
1987Chairman of a Central Research Committee (CUR) establishing a handbook on erosion protection against waves and currents on large rivers
1987Member of a Central Research Committee (CUR) studiing the behaviour of concrete armour elements of breakwaters under the attack of waves and currents
1987Chairman of a Central Research Committee (CUR) studiing the opportunities of using alternative materials (rubble and industrial waste materials) in hydraulic engineering
1988Member of a Central Research Committee (CUR) establishing a handbook on Breakwaters constructed of loose rocks
1988Study on the closure and the development of the Bay of Cambay, India
1989Design of a breakwater for a naval port in India
1992Member of the Venice Barrier Appraisal Committee
1992Risk analysis of technical and financial aspects of the Erasmus bridge over de river Rhine for the City of Rotterdam
1993Risk analysis of the design, the construc tion, the financing and the exploitation of the tunnel under the Westernscheldt for the Provincial gouvernment of Zeeland
1993Member of the Safety Panel for the Schiphol Airport Safety Study
1993Preliminary design of structures to improve the waterquality of Lake Maracaibo
1980 - presentLectures Delft University of Technology:
  • Dike design
  • Flexible hydraulic structures
  • Probabilistic safety theory
  • Quality assurance
1980 - presentLectures Post Academic Courses Delft:
  • Dike design
  • Breakwater design
  • Bottom and embankent protection
  • Probabilistic safety theory
  • Quality assurance
  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing