Sebastian, A.G. (Antonia)

Antonia graduated from Rice University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2011; her focus area was Urban Infrastructure and Management. In 2012, Antonia entered the PhD program at Rice University, where her dissertation research focused on compound flooding in coastal environments and the influence of urbanization on the evolution of flood hazard and risk. During her PhD, Antonia was awarded the Netherlands-America Foundation (NAF)/Fulbright Fellowship to spend nine months at TU Delft as a guest researcher (2014-2015). Antonia graduated from Rice University with a PhD in September 2016; her dissertation was entitled: Quantifying Flood Hazard and Risk in Highly Urbanized Coastal Watersheds. Antonia currently holds a postdoctoral position within the BRIGAID Project at TU Delft.

Primary Research Interests:

  • Compound flood risk in estuaries and deltas
  • Influence of urbanization on the frequency and magnitude of riverine flooding and the interactions between river and coastal floods
  • Climate change adaptation: innovations for reducing risk from floods, droughts, and extreme weather

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Antonia Sebastian