Saghy Saeidtehrani

Saghy Saeidtehrani is a passionate marine engineer with practical experience in a wide range of challenging coastal and offshore projects with geographically disparate teams and project partners. She obtained her master's degree (MSc) in Offshore and Marine Structures, K. N. Toossi University of Technology (Iran), and PhD from the University of Roma Tre (Italy). She has also visited Oregon State University during her PhD studies that led to fruitful collaborations on WEC development. Saghy has working experience in different sectors of industry responsible for various phases of analyses and design procedures, funding and leadership of international marine projects, and at university as an assistant professor (Shahrood University of Technology).

Saghy has been privileged to be the technical lead of various multi-disciplinary projects such as national port master planning and development, developing design criteria and standards from establishing a program to assessment and evaluation.

The major part of her experience is related to developing assessment tools for various levels of analysis and design procedure of offshore structures considering the integrated behavior of soil-structure-wave-wind interaction. She is currently focused on the development of offshore renewable energy and the required simulation tools.

Saghy Saeidtehrani

PostDoc Researcher

Presence: Mon - Fri

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