Hayo Hendrikse


Hayo Hendrikse holds MSc and PhD degrees in Civil Engineering from Delft University of Technology. His PhD work on ice-induced vibrations he executed part-time at NTNU as part of the SAMCoT project.

Dr. Hendrikse is a member of the board of studies of the Master Offshore and Dredging Engineering at TU Delft and a member of both the IAHR Ice Research and Engineering Committee and the International Committee of the Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic conditions (POAC) community.


The main research topic of Dr. Hendrikse is dynamic ice-structure interaction. He currently leads the SHIVER research project which focusses on ice-induced vibrations of offshore wind turbines and collaborates in the WindySea project which is led by Aalto University and which builds on the experimental developments of SHIVER. Dr. Hendrikse further contributes with ice load models to the “NSF: Navigating the New Arctic (NNA) project”, a collaboration with SOEST, University of Hawaii at Manoa, focusing on safe shipping and operations in the Arctic region.

Besides these main activities, he recently started exploring the possibilities of climate engineering focusing on pumping sea water on top of the Arctic sea ice in winter to enhance ice growth.

For a complete overview of research activities please visit the lab page of Dr. Hendrikse on ResearchGate.

Educational Activities

BSc. courses

  • CTB2300 – Dynamica van systemen (Responsible lecturer)

MSc. courses

  • OE44005 – Introduction to offshore engineering (Responsible lecturer)
  • CIEM4000 - Fluid-structure interaction (Responsible lecturer)
  • CIEM4302 / OE44115 – Cold Regions Engineering (lecturer)
  • AT327 – Arctic Offshore Engineering (Guest lecturer at the University Centre In Svalbard)
  • MEC-E4002 – Ice loads on structures (Guest lecturer at Aalto University)

Hendrikse also guides students for their MSc thesis, BSc thesis and Multi-disciplinary projects.

Selection of Publications

T.C. Hammer, H. Hendrikse (2023). Experimental study into the effect of wind-ice misalignment on the development of ice-induced vibrations of offshore wind turbines. Engineering Structures 286, 116106.

C.C. Owen, T.C. Hammer, H. Hendrikse (2023). Peak loads durign dynamic ice-structure interaction caused by rapid strengthening at near-zero relative velocity. Cold Regions Science and Technology 211, 103864.

T.C. Hammer, T. Willems, H. Hendrikse (2023). Dynamic ice loads for offshore wind support structure design. Marine Structures 87, 103335.

H. Hendrikse et al. (2022). Experimental data from ice basin tests with vertically sided cylindrical structures. Data in Brief, 107877.

M. Braun, A. Dörner, K. F. ter Veer, T. Willems, M. Seidel, H. Hendrikse, K. V. Høyland, C. Fischer, S. Ehlers (2022). Development of combined load spectra for offshore structures subjected to wind, wave and ice loading. Energies 15 (2), 559.

A. Cabboi, M. Segeren, H. Hendrikse, A. Metrikine (2020). Vibration-assisted installation and decommissioning of a slip-joint. Engineering Structures 209, 109949. 

H. Hendrikse, T. Nord (2019). Dynamic response of an offshore structure interacting with an ice floe failing in crushing. Mar. Struct., 65:271-290.

H. Hendrikse, G. Ziemer, C. Owen (2018). Experimental validation of a model for prediction of dynamic ice-structure interaction. Cold Reg. Sci. Technol., 151:345-358.

H. Hendrikse, A. Metrikine (2016). Ice-induced vibrations and ice buckling. Cold Reg. Sci. Technol., 131:129-141.

Other Activities

Other activities of Dr. Hendrikse include:

  • Contributing to the development of the ISO 19906 design standard for Arctic Offshore structures
  • Providing expert input related to ice loading for offshore wind projects mostly related to the Baltic Sea developments
  • Board member of KIVI Offshore Techniek

Hayo Hendrikse

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