Faraz Sadeghi Tehrani (Faraz)

I am a geotechnical engineer by training. After finishing my undergraduate study at Iran University of Science & Technology, I went to the USA for my Master’s study in 2007. My two-year MSc research project was on Intelligent Compaction, for which I enjoyed field investigation and geospatial analysis.

Upon receiving my MSc degree from the University of Delaware in 2009, I started my PhD study at Purdue University under the supervision of Prof. Rodrigo Salgado, where my main research was on pile group analysis using analytical, numerical and experimental methods.

After I defended my PhD dissertation, I came to the Netherlands in 2014 for a post-doctoral research study at Geoengineering Department at TU Delft for numerical investigation of the effect of pile installation on sand. I worked with Prof. Frits van Tol and Dr. Ronald Brinkgreve in this period. Afterwards, in 2015 I joined Unit Geo-Engineering of Deltares as a researcher and consultant, where I am still working. On April 2018, I came back to TU Delft as a part-time post-doc researcher to start another research journey, this time in the Section of Offshore Engineering (OE) led by Prof. Andrei Metrikine. My research study is on Gentle Driving of Piles (GDP), where I work with Prof. Metrikine, Dr. Federico Pisano and other brilliant minds of OE on the geotechnical aspects of installation and loading of offshore monopiles.

Research Interests

My current research interests fall under two categories: Deep Foundations and Geo-Hazards. Because of my mixed research background, I’ve learned to be flexible and “justify the means to reach the ends”. That’s why I am interested in field study, instrumentation, numerical analysis, mathematical derivation, physical modelling, image-based characterisation, remote sensing and last but not least Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. After all, the behaviour of mother nature is way more complicated than to be judged based on solely one narrative.



Faraz Tehrani

PostDoc Researcher

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