Evangelos Kementzetzidis

Evangelos is a lecturer of the HE department since March 2022. He obtained his MSc at TU Delft (Geo-Engineering) with distinction (cum laude) in November 2017 and was employed as a Ph.D. researcher from March 2018 until March 2022.

Evangelos is encouraging enthusiastic students to explore the opportunity and contact him for exciting graduation projects.

Main educational activities

•    Soil-Structure Interaction, HOS-TC-4 (course coordinator and main instructor, MSc level course) 

Other activities
•    Module manager for the track core of Hydraulics and Offshore Structures.


The main research interests of Evangelos include soil dynamics and the modelling and implementation of cyclic constitutive models for geometerials, aiming towards the advanced modelling of Soil-Structure Interaction for Offshore structures. His work aims to identify and model the (key) mechanisms that govern the response of Offshore Wind Turbines (OWTs) during both environmental and seismic loading.  Evangelos’ Ph.D. research was part of the Gentle Driving of Piles project (GDP), which focused on the demonstration, and optimization of a silent monopile installation method, involving both experimental and numerical work.


Kementzetzidis, E., Metrikine, A. V., Versteijlen, W. G., & Pisanò, F. (2021). Frequency effects in the dynamic lateral stiffness of monopiles in sand: insight from field tests and 3D FE modelling. Géotechnique, 71(9), 812-825.

Liu, H., Kementzetzidis, E., Abell, J. A., & Pisanò, F. (2021). From cyclic sand ratcheting to tilt accumulation of offshore monopiles: 3D FE modelling using SANISAND-MS. Géotechnique, 1-16.

Kementzetzidis, E., Corciulo, S., Versteijlen, W. G., & Pisanò, F. (2019). Geotechnical aspects of offshore wind turbine dynamics from 3D non-linear soil-structure simulations. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 120, 181-199.

Vacareanu, V., Kementzetzidis, E., & Pisano, F. (2019, June). 3D FE seismic analysis of a monopile-supported offshore wind turbine in a non-liquefiable soil deposit. In Proc. of 2nd Int. Conf. on Natural Hazards & Infrastructure (ICONHIC2019) (pp. 23-26).

Kementzetzidis, E., Versteijlen, W. G., Nernheim, A., & Pisano, F. (2018). 3D FE dynamic modelling of offshore wind turbines in sand: natural frequency evolution in the pre–to after-storm transition. Numerical methods in geotechnical engineering IX, 2, 1477-1484.

Evangelos Kementzetzidis


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