Jeroen Hoving

Since August 2009, Jeroen Hoving has been working as a Researcher/Assistant Professor in the fields of Offshore Engineering, Arctic Technology and Wave Mechanics at the section of Offshore Engineering within the Department of Hydraulic Engineering.

As a part of the Arctic Research Group, Jeroen has been working on physical and mechanical properties of ice in fresh- and seawater environments, static and dynamic ice-structure interaction, as well as iceberg drift models. Additionally, Jeroen has a particular interest in the dynamics of offshore structures and the dynamic soil-structure interaction that is involved.

Jeroen graduated at the section of structural mechanics to receive his MSc-degree in Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Delft University in 2004. Later, Jeroen started a PhD-research on ‘Coupled linear-nonlinear systems to describe the dynamic behaviour of materials in the time domain’, which he has been working on part-time in parallel to his appointment at the Offshore Engineering section in 2009.

Topics of research that Jeroen has recently been involved with include:

  • Structural dynamics of bottom founded offshore structures
  • Non-smooth dynamical systems in the time domain
  • Wave propagation in discrete and continuous systems
  • Numerical modeling of ice & ice-structure interactions.
  • Experimental and numerical modeling of managed ice versus level ice for application with multi-legged offshore structures
  • Ice- and Soil-structure interaction of offshore wind turbines

Jeroen Hoving

Senior lecturer in Offshore & Arctic Engineering

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