Rivers, Ports, Waterways and Dredging Engineering

This section consists of 3 research groups: River Engineering, Ports & Waterways, and Dredging Engineering. The chair of the River Engineering group is Dr ir A. Blom, the chair of the Ports & Waterways group is Prof Dr ir M. van Koningsveld, and the chair of the Dredging Engineering group is Prof Dr ir C. van Rhee.

River Engineering

River Engineering focusses on the prediction of short-term and long-term response of the river system to natural and anthropogenic change. Furthermore, it focuses on the design of measures that help serve the various river functions: flood safety, navigation, freshwater supply, ecosystem services, and recreation. The group focusses on the fundamental conservation equations for flow and bed sediment and simplified versions of these equations, as these simplified equations help to understand the response of the fluvial system to change. We combine analysis of field data and lab experiments with conceptual modelling, analytical, and numerical modelling.

Ports & Waterways

The section Ports & Waterways focuses on the design of ports and waterways. It involves expertise in the field of transport-economics, shipping, nautical matters, safety and logistics. It also involves knowledge of waves and currents, sediment transport and morphology, dredging and land reclamation, design of breakwaters, quays, bank protections and locks. Large port expansion projects, such as Maasvlakte II in the Netherlands, and projects to increase the capacity of access routes, such as the Panama Canal, are among the many challenging projects for port engineers and IWT engineers (IWT =  Inland Water Transport).

Dredging works

The subject of Dredging Works has very multidisciplinary interest. Therefore, the subject of dredging is being teached in the master Hydraulic Engineering as well as in the master Offshore Engineering. Dredging Engineering is about the displacement of large volumes of sediment. Large land reclamation projects, as the new airports in Hong Kong and Singapore, the large land reclamations for ports and industry in Singapore and the spectacular projects in Dubai like the Palm Islands (see picture) and “the World”, are examples of dredging works. All Dredging processes involve slurry flows and are dominated by erosion, transport and sedimentation under special hydraulic conditions.