Burhan Yildiz


After graduating from Middle East Technical University, Civil Engineering Department in 2006, Mr. Yildiz continued his graduate studies at the Hydraulics Laboratory of the same university. He worked as a research assistant in Hydraulics laboratory at that period where he experienced using several experimental setups and measurement devices. After obtaining his PhD degree in 2014, Dr. Yildiz worked as assistant professor at Cyprus International University and Mugla Sitki Kocman University.


His research stay at TU Delft includes some River Engineering subjects. He aims to develop a validation method for morphological models collaborating with several international experts, scientists and software developers. He will make a morphological model of a challenging river branch in Bangladesh and apply the findings of the first study to validate the model. Besides, he will conduct research related with groynes and the development on the design of them.

Key publications

Yildiz B., Altan-Sakarya B.A., Ger, M., 2014, Optimum Design of Slurry Pipelines by Genetic Algorithms, Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems DOI: 10.1080/10286608.2014.912638

Yildiz B., Bashiry V., 2018, Shape analysis of a sessile drop on a flat solid surface, The Journal of Adhesion DOI: 10.1080/00218464.2018.1452737

Yildiz B., Koken M., Gogus M. Temporal Development of Scour Hole Around Spill Through Bridge Abutments, 35th IAHR World Congress, 8-13 September 2013, Chengdu, China

Burhan Yildiz

Postdoctoral Researcher of River Engineering Research

Secondary company: Deltares