Poonam Taneja

Dr. Poonam Taneja has a degree in Civil Engineering from India and an MSc degree in Port Planning from the Netherlands. She has extensive experience in port Masterplanning and design of port infrastructures in various countries. After working at the Rotterdam Public Works Department at the ports division for more than fifteen years, she began her PhD research at Delft University of Technology.  Her PhD research investigated flexibility and adaptability aspects in ports. Ports are beset with many uncertainties about their futures and her dissertation titled β€œThe Flexible Port” recommends that Adaptive Port Planning is the key for dealing with this prevailing uncertainty.

Her other areas of interest include Integrated and Sustainable port design. Presently, she is employed as a lecturer/ researcher at the Section of Ports and Waterways at the Delft University of Technology. She is promoting her research through supervising MSc and PhD research, through publications, and seeking practical applications in port projects worldwide.


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Employment Record

2007-present: Delft University of Technology
2011-2015: UNESCO-IHE (part-time)
1995-2011: Design Engineer at Rotterdam Public Works Department
1995: Marine Engineer, INCONED B.V., Indonesia
1994: Researcher, Faculty of Civil Engineering, TU-Delft
1986-1991: Design Civil Engineer with The Howe Group (India and Canada)


2007 – 2013: PhD, Delft University of Technology, Research topic β€œThe Flexible Port”
1991 – 1993: MSc in Hydraulic Engineering, Institute for Water Education (UNESCO-IHE), Delft
1988 – 1991: MTech, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India
1981 – 1986: Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Delhi College of Engineering, India

Poonam Taneja

Researcher of Ports and Waterways

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