Otto Koedijk


Otto Koedijk MSc is a nautical expert. He has an experience of 6 years as a professional captain, both on inland waters and the sea.

After that, in 2002 he started his carreer at Rijkswaterstaat, where he has always been working in the field of vessel  traffic, mostly of inland barges. Since 2009, he specialized in fairway design and –furnishment, including dimensions of bridges, locks and inland harbours.  In this context he is editor of the widely used ‘Richtlijnen Vaarwegen’ and other Rijkswaterstaat guidelines for design.  

Otto is the Dutch delegate in the Pianc commission InCom (Inland Navigation Commission), member of the Advisory Board of the Marin Institute, and supervisor of the course ‘ Inland Shipping and waterways’ organised by PAOTM, which has a liaison with the TU Delft.

Otto is  working (part time)  at the TU Delft since March 2014, bringing waterway knowledge and people together.  Moreover, he’ll merely initiate research, conduct master students and PhD’s in graduation, and take care of lectures.

Otto Koedijk

Lecturer of Ports and Waterways

Presence: Wednesdays

Secondary company: Rijkswaterstaat