Floor Bakker


Floor Bakker graduated in hydraulic engineering at Delft University of Technology at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, in 2020. Bakker’s research interest focuses on a broad spectrum of coastal engineering, port and waterways, river engineering, and dredging engineering, specifically linked to estuaries and deltas. During his graduation thesis, he focused on the topic of morpho-hydrodynamics of well-mixed estuaries, within the section of Coastal Engineering.


In October 2020, Bakker started as a PhD candidate in the section of Ports and Waterways. Bakker’s research is part of the SALTISolutions research programme, which facilitates an integrated societal response to salt intrusion challenges in deltas. Within this framework, Bakker is focusing on the implications of (nature-based) countermeasures (to limit salt intrusion) for port logistics. His objective is to quantify changes in port performance as a consequence of alterations in estuarine geometry and (morpho-)hydrodynamics.


SALTISolutions is a research programme which focuses on salt intrusion in deltas worldwide. Salt intrusion threatens freshwater availability, essential for human health and well-being, ecological integrity of aquatic ecosystems, and for economic interests. SALTISolutions aims to facilitate an integrated and optimized societal response to salt intrusion challenges by delivering the VirtualDelta. This is a digital twin of a real delta, which can be used as management and design instrument for salt-intrusion related questions in deltas.

Floor Bakker

PhD candidate

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