Henk Verheij


Ir. Verheij graduated from Delft University of Technology in 1978. He has experience and  expertise in the field of dikes, hydraulic structures, ship-induced water motions, revetments and scour. He is the co-author of the Scour Manual (A.A. Balkema Publishers, 1997, Rotterdam). He also is co-author of PIANC report 180 about Guidelines for protecting berthing structures from scour caused by ships.

Before his retirement ir. Verheij was Senior Project Engineer/Adviser at Deltares in the River Dynamics and Inland Water Transport department of the unit Inland Water Systems. Nowadays he is still related to Deltares as Adviser for navigation studies.  Furthermore, he is board member of PIANC-Netherlands. Next to his research at the TU Delft he has assisted many students with their final BSc-project and MSc-students with their theses. These theses can be downloaded here.

Henk Verheij

Lecturer of Ports and Waterways

Presence: Wednesdays