Teaching courses on port planning and design at UNESCO-IHE and program responsibility for the annual International Port Seminar at this institute.

Supervisor of the following PhD-studies:

  • Poonam Taneja on "Flexible Ports" (Defence date 19-03-2013)
  • Cornelis van Dorsser on "Very long term development of the Dutch Inland Waterway system". Expected to be finished by end of 2013.
  • Fangliang Xiao on "Proactive way to decrease the probablity of ship-bridge collision". Expected to be finished by end 2013.
  • Yaqing Shu on "Maritime traffic model for increased safety and capacity of waterways". Planned to be finished by end 2014.

Supervision of several MSc-studies by students at UNESCO-IHE, covering a wide range of subjects.

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