Huib de Vriend


Professor Huib de Vriend is a civil engineer by training. He received his PhD from Delft University of Technology. Before his retirement in 2012 he was director science of Deltares and part-time professor of River Engineering and Eco-hydraulics at Delft University of Technology.

Until July 2013 Prof. de Vriend was director of the EcoShape Foundation, which co-ordinates the ‘Building with Nature’ innovation programme executed by a consortium of government agencies, universities, research organisations, consultants and engineering contractors. He has over 200 scientific publications in the fields of rivers, estuarine, coastal and seabed dynamics. Prof. de Vriend is a member of the National Commission for the EIA, and member of the thinktank on flood safety of the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. As a private consultant he presently advises various large infrastructural projects in the Netherlands.

Huib de Vriend

Emeritus Professor River Engineering & Morphology

Availability: on call

Secondary company: With Nature Consultancy