Xin Zeng


Xin Zeng is a visiting PhD student from Tsinghua University, China. Her major research topic is river morphodynamics and it is her fourth year. She will stay at TU Delft for one year from October 2018 to October 2019. Xin's tutor at the TU Delft is Astrid Blom.


Her research topic is about the controlling physics of cyclic steps in the Loess Plateau.  Now, she is working with Astrid Blom’s group. Her major methods are analyzing field survey and using numerical models to simulate the formation and evolution of cyclic steps.


Xin Zeng is involved in the project "Prediction of Yellow River Sediment Change Trend in the next 30-50 Years". The main objective of this research is to establish suitable models and to estimate sediment yield of Yellow River in the next 30-50 Years.

Xin Zeng

PhD student

Presence: Mon - Fri


Otti Kievits