Working at our department

The department Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3MD) focuses on the design, mechanics, materials and management of civil infrastructures and buildings. A multi-scale research approach is followed, starting at micro-scale (materials level), to meso-scale (structures level) and to macro-scale (infrastructures/systems level).

3MD governs the entire life cycle from develop, design, build, maintain, operate to demolish or reuse, and has strong competences in modelling and design for both civil infrastructures as well as buildings. The department consists of three sections: Applied Mechanics, Materials & Environment, Integral Design & Management, and the Microlab.

Testimonial Anjali Mehrotra

I started working at 3MD in April 2021 as a new tenure-tracker in the section Applied Mechanics. My research here focusses predominantly on the development of computationally efficient methodologies for the seismic and stability assessment of large-scale (masonry) structures and infrastructures, and 3MD has provided me with the ideal environment in which to further develop these research interests.

Specifically, the department’s considerable expertise in the computational modelling of masonry structures has provided numerous opportunities for collaboration, with many of my colleagues having demonstrated great enthusiasm in finding projects for us to work on together. Moreover, the department’s strong connections to industry and government partners have also provided opportunities for practical applications of my research.

On a personal level, despite the challenges of a remote start, my supervisor and peers made me feel very welcome and went out of their way to help me integrate into this new environment. Finally, as an expatriate, it has been nice to find such a vibrant international community here – indeed within our research group itself we have colleagues from Italy, India, Peru, China, Greece and of course the Netherlands, which makes for a wonderfully multicultural working environment.

Anjali Mehrotra