A. Paknahad, MSc


Ali Paknahad graduated as a M.Sc. student of Mechanical Engineering (Applied Mechanics) from Babol University of Technology in 2012 (Iran). During his Master degree, he developed an approach to provide a hybrid algorithm of FE method and Optimization algorithms for dome shape optimization of filament-wound composite pressure vessels. His interests revolve around the computational mechanics and mechanical behavior of materials, damage and fracture. His current research is devoted to modelling the fiber reinforced of bio-ceramic cements for bone replacement. He started his PhD degree in the Department of Biomaterials at Raboudumc & Department of structutal engineering, structural mechanics section at TU Delft from October 2015.

Research themes

  • Biomaterials
  • Fiber-reinforced composite cements
  • Computational mechanics of materials
  • A. Paknahad, A. Fathi. A.M. Goudarzi, R. Nourani “Optimum head design of filament wound composite pressure vessels using a hybrid model of FE analysis and inertia weight PSO algorithm” International Journal of Material Forming, 9 (1), 49-57, 2014.
  • A. Paknahad, R. Nourani “Mix model of FE method and IPSO algorithm for dome shape optimization of articulated pressure vessels considering the effect of non-geodesic trajectories”, Journal of The Institution of Engineers, Series C, vol. 95, pp. 151-158, 2014.
  • A. Latif Aghili, A. M. Goudarzi, M. H. Hojjati, S. M. Rabiee, Misagh Imani and Ali Paknahad, “Biomechanical investigation of human femur by reverse engineering as a robust method and applied simplifications”, World Applied Sciences Journal, vol. 28, pp. 2152-2157 , 2013.
  • A.M. Goudarzi, S. Saadati, A. Paknahad, “Stress analysis of FG thick pressure vessels considering the effect of material gradations and poisson’s ration using DQ method”, International Review of Mechanical engineering, vol. 6, pp. 55-60, 2012.
  • A. Paknahad, S. Saadati, R.A. Alashti “Stress-based formulation non-linear bending analysis of anisotropic sector plate”, Procedia Engineering, vol. 10, pp. 524-529. DOI: 10.1016/j.proeng.2011.04.088, 2011.

Ali Paknahad

PhD candidate

Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3Md)

Applied Mechanics

Iris Nederhof-van Woggelum