Dissertations 2019
Dissertations 2017

Magalhaes Pereira, L.F. (2017)
A new computational approach towards the simulation of concrete structures under impulsive loading
Promotor: L.J. Sluys

Li, K (2017)
Numerical Determination of Permeability in Unsaturated Cementitious Materials
Promotor: L.J. Sluys

Graaf, AV van de (2017)
Sequentially linear analysis for simulating brittle failure
Promotor: J.G. Rots

Lahuerta, F  (2017)
Fatigue in thick laminates
Promotor: L.J. Sluys

Hendrikse, H  (2017)
Ice induced vibrations of bottom founded structures
Promotor: Prof.dr. A. Metrikine

Malagu, M  (2017)
Modeling of high-performance fiber-reinforced composites
Promotor: L.J. Sluys

Latifi, M  (2017)
Modelling of fatigue in composite laminates
Promotor: L.J. Sluys

Dissertations 2016

Esposito, R  (2016)
The deteriorating impact of alkali-silica reaction on concrete
Promotor: M.A.N. Hendriks
ISBN 978-94-6259-984-0

Musivand Arzanfudi, M (2016)
Computational Modeling of Multiphysics Multidomain Multiphase Flow in Fraturing Porous Media: Leakage Hazards in CO2 Geosequestration
Promotor/co-promotor: L.J. Sluys & Dr. R. Al-Khoury
ISBN 978-94-6186-727-8

Karamnejad, A (2016)
Multiscale Computational Modeling of Brittle and Ductile Materials under Dynamics Loading
Promotor: L.J. Sluys

Dissertations 2015

Schipper, HR (2015)
Double-curved precast concrete elements: Research into technical viability of the flexible mould method
Promotor: Prof. J.N.J.A. Vambersky

Slobbe, A (2015) 
Propagation and band width of smeared cracks.
Prom./coprom.: J G Rots & Dr. M A N Hendriks
ISBN 978-94-6259-547-7

Le, Luong Bao Nghi (2015)
Micro-level Porosimetry of Virtual Cementitious Materials
Structural Impact on Mechanical and Durability Evolution

Prom.: L.J. Sluys
ISBN 978-94-6186-534-2

Fan, J (2015)
Dynamic response of a polymer and polymer composite systems
Prom./coprom: L.J. Sluys & J. Weerheijm
ISBN/EAN: 978-94-028-0005-0

Talebian, M (2015)
Computational modelling of hydro electro mechanical flow during CO2 geosequestration
Prom: L.J. Sluys
ISBN 978-94-6169-633-5

Tsouvalas, A (2015)
Underwater noise generated by offshore pile driving
Prom: Prof.dr. A. Metrikine

Dissertations 2014
Dissertations 2013

Giardina, G (2013)
Modelling of settlement induced building damage. 
Prom./coprom.: J G Rots & M A N Hendriks.
ISBN 9789461916143

Lloberas Valls, O (2013)
Multiscale domain decomposition analysis of quasi-brittle materials. 
Prom./coprom.: L J Sluys, Prof.dr. D J Rixen & A Simone
ISBN 978-94-6191-875-8

Oelgaard, K.B. (2013)
Automated computational modelling for complicated partial differential equations.
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr.i. L.J. Sluys & Dr. G.N. Wells
ISBN 978-94-6191-990-8

Dissertations 2012

Jonsthovel, T B (2012) 
The deflated preconditioned conjugate gradient method applied to composite materials.
Prom./coprom.: C Vuik, A Scarpas & M B van Gijzen 
ISBN 978-94-6191-180-3

Nikbakht, M (2012) 
Automated solution of partial differential equations with discontinuities using the partition of unity method.
Prom./coprom.: L J Sluys & Dr. G N Wells.
ISBN 978-94-6191-548-1

Radtke, F K F (2012)
Computational modelling of fibre-reinforced cementitious composites: An analysis of discrete and mesh-independent techniques.
Prom./coprom.: L J Sluys & A Simone.
ISBN 978-94-6191-549-8). 

Shabir, Z (2012) 
Role of microstructural geometry in the deformation and failure of polycrystalline materials. 
Prom./coprom.: L J Sluys & A Simone 
ISBN 978-94-6191-222-0

Dissertations 2011

Hilberink, A. (2011) 
Mechanical behaviour of lined pipe.
Delft, promotors: FSK Bijlaard and LJ Sluys
ISBN 978-94-6186-012-5

Nguyen, VP (2011) 
Multiscale failure modelling of quasi-brittle materials. 
Delft, Promotor: LJ Sluys
ISBN 978-94-6191-011-0

Dissertations 2010

Boer, A., de (2010)
Design strategy structural concrete in 3D focusing on uniform force results and sequentiel analysis
Delft, Promotors: J. Blaauwendraad and J.C. Walraven
ISBN: 978-90-9025077-9

Hoefakker, J.H. (2010)
Theory review for cylindrical shells and parametric study of chimney and tanks     
Delft, Promotor: J. Blaauwendraad
ISBN 978-90-5972-363-4

Huan, He (2010)
Computational Modelling of Particle Packing in Concrete
Delft, Promotor L.J. Sluys
ISBN: 978-94-90284-06-0

Meer, F.P., van der (2010)
Computational Modeling of Failure in Composite Laminates
Delft, Promotor: L.J. Sluys
ISBN: 978-90-9025697

Pedersen, R.R. (2010)
Computational modelling of dynamic failure of cementitious materials
Delft, Promotor: L.J. Sluys
ISBN: 978-94-90284-05-3

Swart, A.E. (2010)
Numerical analysis of damage initiation and development in bends of stell pipelines
Delft, Promotor: J. Blaauwendraad
ISBN: 978-90-9025242-1

Dissertations 2009

Moonen, P. (2009)
Continuous-Discontinuous Modelling of hygrothermal damage processes in porous media.
Delft, Promotors: J. Cameliet and L.J. Sluys.
ISBN 978-94-90284-01-05

Zhao, Yi (2009)
Integral Pavement/Soil-wall Structures: A Numerical Study Delft
Delft, Supervisors: J. Blaauwendraad and Dr. A. Scarpas.
ISBN/EAN: 978-94-90284-02-2

Dissertations 2008

Kuiper, G.L. (2008)
Stability of offshore risers conveying fluid.
Delft, Promotors: J. Blaauwendraad and J.A. Battjes.
ISBN 978-90-5972-236-1, Publisher Eburon, Delft.

Nguyen, Tien Dung (2008)
Discontinuous Galerkin formulations for thin bending problems
Delft, Promotors: L.J. Sluys and Dr. G.N. Wells.

Dissertations 2007

Iacono, C. (2007)
Procedure for parameter estimates of computational models for localized failure.
Delft, Supervisors: L.J. Sluys and J.G.M. van Mier.

Kringos, N. (2007)
Modeling of Combined Physical-Mechanical Moisture Induced Damage in Asphaltic Mixes.
Delft, Promotors: J. Blaauwendraad, Prof. A.P.S. Selvadurai, MS, PhD, Dsc and Dr. A. Scarpas, BSc, MSc, PhD.
ISBN/EAN 978-90-9021765-9

Steenbergen, R.D.J.M. (2007)
Super Elements in High-Rise Buildings under Stochastic Wind Load                
Delft, Supervisor: J. Blaauwendraad and A.C.W.M. Vrouwenvelder (ISBN 978-9059722088)

Dissertations 2006

Gitman, I.M. (2006)
Representative Volumes and Multi-Scale Modelling of Quasi-Brittle Materials
Delft, Supervisors: L.J. Sluys (ISBN 90 - 64641-22-6)

Guo, Z. (2006)
Computational Modelling of Rubber-like Materials under Monotonic and Cyclic Loading        Delft, Supervisor: L.J. Sluys (ISBN-10: 90 - 9021154-3 and ISBN-13: 978-90-9021154-1)
Keywords: Rubber-like material, Constitutive modelling, Mullin Effect, Continuum damage mechanics, Pseudo-elastic model, Finite element method

Pannachet, T. (2006)
Error estimation and adaptive spatial discretisation for quasi-brittle failure   
Delft, Supervisors: L.J. Sluys and H. Askes (ISBN -10: 90-9021123-3 and ISBN - 13: 978-90-9021123-7)

Raven, W.J. (2006)
Nieuwe blik op kip en knik
Delft, Supervisors: J. Blaauwendraad and Prof. Dipl.-ing. J.N.J.A. Vamberky (ISBN-10: 90-9020566-7; ISBN-13: 978-90-9020566-3)

Dissertations 2005

Scarpas, A (2005)
A Mechanics based Computational Platform for Pavement Engineering 
Delft, Supervisors: J. Blaauwendraad and Prof. N. Aravas, Bsc., MSc., Phd
(ISBN 90 - 9019040 - 6)

Dissertations 2004

Li Ying (2004)
Effect of Spatial Variability on Maintenance and Repair Decisions for Concrete Structures
Delft, Supervisor: Prof. Ir. A.C.W.M. Vrouwenvelder (ISBN 90-407-2505-5)

Dissertations 2003

Galanti, F.M.B. (2003)
Computational Methodologies for the Non-linear Analysis of Concrete and Masonry Structures
Delft, Supervisors: Prof. Ir. A.C.W.M. Vrouwenvelder (ISBN 90-9016672-6)

Liu, X. (2003)
Numerical Modelling of Porous Media Response - Under Static and Dynamic Load Conditions
Delft, Supervisor: J. Blaauwendraad (ISBN 90 - 9017195 - 9 )

Simone, A. (2003)
Continuous-Discontinuous Modelling of Failure
Delft, Supervisors: J. Blaauwendraad (ISBN 90 - 407 - 2434 - 2 )

Dissertations 2002

Al-Khoury, Rafid I. (2002)
Parameter Identification Technique for Layered Systems , 
Delft, Supervisors: J. Blaauwendraad (ISBN 90 - 9016414 - 6)

Bisschop, J. (2002)
Drying shrinkage microcracking in cement-based materials 
Delft, Supervisor: J.G.M. van Mier (ISBN 90 - 407 - 2341 - 9)

Erkens, S.M.J.G. (2002)
Asphalt Concrete Response (ACRe) - Determination, modelling and prediction , 
Delft, Supervisors: A.A.A.A. Molenaar and J. Blaauwendraad (ISBN 90 -407-2326-5)

Veritchev, S.N. (2002)
Instability of a Vehicle Moving on an Elastic Structure , 
Delft, Supervisors: J. Blaauwendraad (ISBN 90 -407-2361-3)

Vostroukhov, A.V. (2002)
Three-dimensional Dynamic Models of a Railway Track for High-speed Trains 
Delft, Supervisors: A.C.W.M. Vrouwenvelder (ISBN 90 -407-2368-0)

Dissertations 2001

Heeres, O.M. (2001)
Modern Strategies for the Numerical Modeling of the Cyclic and Transient Behavior of Soils 
Delft, Supervisors: R. de Borst (ISBN 90-407 2261 7)

Tijssens, M.G.A. (2001)
On the cohesive surface methodology for fracture of brittle heterogeneous solids 
Delft, Supervisors: E. van der Giessen and Dr. ir. L.J. Sluys (ISBN 90-423-0129-5)

Schipperen, J.H.A. (2001)
Computational Modelling of Failure in Fibre Reinforced Plastic 
Delft, Supervisors: R. de Borst and L.J. Sluys (ISBN 90-90147375)

Wells, G.N. (2001)
Discontinuous modelling of strain localisation and failure 
Delft, Supervisors: R. de Borst and L.J. Sluys (ISBN 90-9014731-4)