Ass. Prof. Dr. M.A. (Mariana) Popescu


Mariana is a computational architect and structural designer with a strong interest in innovative ways of approaching the fabrication process and use of materials in construction. Her area of expertise is computational and parametric design with a focus on digital fabrication and sustainable design.  Her extensive involvement in projects related to promoting sustainability has led to a multilateral development of skills, which combine the fields of architecture, engineering, computational design and digital fabrication.


Her research focuses on the development of KnitCrete, a novel, material-saving, labour-reducing, cost-effective formwork system for casting of doubly-curved geometries in concrete using 3D knitting. She is the main author of the award-winning KnitCandela shell and has been included as a "Pioneer" in the MIT Technology Review Innovator Under 35 global list in 2019.

  • CIE4210 – Parametric Design and Engineering

Mariana Popescu

Assistant Professor

Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3Md)

Applied Mechanics

Iris Nederhof-van Woggelum