Houwing, E.J. (Erik-Jan)


I started my scientific carrier as a student Physiscal Geography at Utrecht University. I did my research as PhD on the effect of sea level rise and the consequences on mud accretion on salt marshes. Since then I worked for the government (RWS) on various engineering topics but mainly in large projects (“Ruimte voor de Rivier”, “Hoogwaterbeschermingsprogramma” and “Multiwater Werken”). Since 2018 I joined CiTG (CME) as a Lecturer on the topics Integral Design and (managing of) Integral Projects.

  • Bachelor: Integraal Ontwerpen CTB1220-17
  • Minor: Integration Technical Project  CT3103
  • Minor: Integral Design of Infrastructures CTB3420
  • Master: Collaborative Design and Engineering CME1201
  • Liu, Y., van Marrewijk, A., Houwing, E.-J, Hertogh, M., 2019. The co-creation of values-in-use at the front end of infrastructure development programs. Int. J. Proj. Manag. 37, 684–695.
  • Liu, Y., Amini-Abyaneh, A., Houwing, E.-J, Hertogh, M., Bakker, H., 2021. Collaborate to learn and learn to collaborate: a case of exploitative learning in the inter-organizational project. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management Vol 21 Iss 3.
  • Member of the Board of education CME

Erik-Jan Houwing


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3Md)

Integral Design Management

Design & Integration

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