Schraven, D.F.J. (Daan)


Daan Schraven holds a PhD in Infrastructure Asset Management from Twente University and has a business economic background from Tilburg University and worked at Fluor Daniels and ExxonMobil, before joining academia. He has a passion for major changes in the construction sector. In line of this, his main research interests lie in the circular and sustainability transition in the construction industry. Particularly on how these changes can be made in an economic self-sustaining way.


Daan his research orients on three pillars regarding the circular economy (CE) and sustainability transition in the construction sector:

Firstly, the economic measures for the transition require that the market potential of CE innovations and technologies are developed. Design strategies and methods to assist in this purpose are central to this line of research, and inspiration is drawn from transition, entrepreneurship and innovation related fields of research.

Secondly, in the construction sector, the government needs to assume a new type of role in this transitional focus. Here we draw on new economic thinking regarding the role of the government. In this area, the explicit connection to ongoing CE related initiatives are signalled and incorporated continuously to academically challenge the merits.

Thirdly, the new economic thinking requires professional and resourceful actors to rethink that influence and role in the sector. In this line of work, Daan focuses on the needed professional adjustments for CE, like new accounting rules, financing structures and business models that make the financial sector operational in a circular logic instead of a linear logic.

In line with his research interests, Daan teaches on financial, entrepreneurial and design related subjects relevant to the construction sector. Daan is the course manager for two Master courses in the programme Construction Management and Engineering, namely CME2300 – Financial Engineering and CME4400 – Entrepreneurial Engineering. Daan also participates in integrated design challenges within project courses CT3420 – Integral Design of Infrastructures and CT3103 – Integration course. Daan is also the Graduation coordinator for Design & Integration, one of three specializations within Construction Management and Engineering.

  • Circular Construction Centre of Economics Lab (3CE)
  • Inclusive Waste Wise Cities (Post-doc research by Filippos Zisopoulos (EUR/TUD))
  • The Circular Road – Infra as a Service (Post-doc research by Dominika Teigiserova (TUD/EUR)
  • Triple A – Infrastructures (PhD research by Ingrid Bolier)
  • Implementing Circular Economy in Transport Infrastructure Projects (PhD Xinju Liu)
  • Inclusive infrastructures in Urban Areas (PhD project by Zhaowen Liu)
  • Reviewer for Sustainability, Resource Conservation & Recycling
  • Acting team member for Circular Construction
  • Societal Board 2020 for VolkerWessels
  • ASCE reviewer
  • Schraven, D., (2018). Project Finance. In: Projects and People, Mastering Success, Edited by Hans L.M. Bakker and Jaap. P. Kleijn.
  • Interviews for Cobouw, BRBS

Daan Schraven

Assistant Professor

Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3Md)

Integral Design Management

Design & Integration

Sandra Schuchmann