General Content & Structure

Scope & aim

CSC2I covers chemistry, electrochemistry, thermodynamics and kinetics, related to corrosion and corrosion control. The course aims to provide knowledge of key material properties and performance, exploitation requirements, degradation & ageing mechanisms, relevant to main infrastructure. Within an intensive one-week course program of alternating theoretical lectures,interactive Q&A modules, workshops and practical hands-on sessions, the participants will:

Course content & layout

  • theoretical knowledge on fundamental (electro)chemical principles in corrosion science & technology and corrosion control;
  • synergy of corrosion science (electrochemistry) and concrete material science (including cement-based microstructure, micromechanics, role of cracks) – a prerequisite for proper assessment of corrosion state & justified corrosion protection for infrastructure;
  • β€œhands-on” practical sessions (lab & field techniques) on qualification and quantification of steel corrosion phenomena, protection techniques, incl. links to cement based materials properties/performance;
  • NEW: designated session β€œElectron microscopy – evaluation of corrosion products and steel |cement paste interface”
  • interactive sessions, Q&A modules, case studies;
  • novel research and applications (e.g. self-healing, nano-technology for corrosion control);
  • invited lectures;
  • elevator pitches from participants (optional).