A. (Agus) Susanto


I obtained my Bachelor of Sciences from Department of Physics, Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), Indonesia. I continued my study at Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Department of Engineering Physics, ITB. During master study, I visited Kasai Laboratory, Division of Precision Science & Technology and Applied Physics, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan for a year, as an exchange student and finished my master thesis.


My research project deals with investigation of how detrimental of stray current on performance of cement-based materials. The results from this project will contribute to a better understanding on the influence of, and consequences from, stray current flow. For instance, a differentiation between beneficial (positive) and detrimental (negative) effects of stray current on cement-based materials, which is a point of significant importance for real practice.

  • Susanto, A., Koleva, D. A., Copuroglu, O., van Beek, K., and van Breugel, K. (2013). Mechanical, electrical and microstructural properties of cement-based materials in conditions of stray current flow. Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 11(3), 119-134.
  • Susanto, A., Koleva, D. A., van Breugel, K., and van Beek, K. (2017). Stray current-induced development of cement-based microstructure in water-submerged, Ca(OH)2-submerged and sealed conditions. Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 15(6), 244-268.
  • Susanto, A., Koleva, D. A., and van Breugel, K. (2017). The effect of water-to-cement ratio and curing on material properties of mortar specimens in stray current conditions. Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 15(10), 627-643.

The effect of stray current flow on cement-based microstructure

Book Chapter
Susanto, A., Koleva, D.A. and van Breugel, K. (2017). The Influence of Stray Current on the Maturity Level of Cement-Based Materials, Springer International Publishing.

Agus Susanto

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Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3Md)

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Experimental MicroMechanics

Jacqueline van Unen-Bergenhenegouwen

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