Current research projects

PhD research projects (as supervisor and promotor)

  1. Albina Kostiuchenko - Creep of geopolymer concrete
  2. Boyu Chen - Utilization of MSWI bottom slag for producing high value building materials
  3. Shizhe Zhang - Strain hardening behavior of alkali activated materials
  4.  Gabriel Hoder - The effect of combined leaching and carbonation processes on physical and transport properties of cementitious materials
  5. Zhenming Li -  Autogenous shrinkage of geopolymer concrete
  6. Marija Nedeljkovic - Long term performance of alkaline activated materials
  7. Yibing Zuo - Multi-scale simulation of geopolymerization of alkaline activated materials
  8. Peng Gao - Simulation of ternary cement paste and shrinkage
  9. Xuliang Hou - Multi-scale modeling of chloride transport in blended materials at non-saturation condition
  10. Jiayi Chen - Influence of self-healing on the chloride penetration in real cracking concrete
  11. Hua Dong - Development of cement-based self-healing coating
  12. Hao Huang - Rice Husk Ash as a new internal curing agent for producing of high performance concrete
  13. Bei Wu - Mechanism of carbonation of blended cementitious materials

Master thesis projects (updated Nov 2018)

  1. Zainab Aldin -  3D printing Geopolymer concrete
  2. Yubo Sun -  Investigation the potential application of MSWI bottom ash as construction materials
  3. Jeroen Feij -  Shrinkage compensate agent for migrating shrinkage of concrete 

Completed PhD students research projects (as daily supervisor and promotor/co-promoter) in TU Delft

  1. Yong Zhang, Nov 2018, Non-saturated Chloride Diffusion in Sustainable Cementitious Materials, as promotor
  2. Peng Gao, June 2018, Simulation of hydration and microstructure development of blended cements, as co-promotor
  3. Dong Hua, June 2018, Transport process in hydrating cementitious coating systems, as promotor
  4. Xiaowei Ouyang, Sept 2017, Filler-hydrates Adhesion Properties in Cement Paste System Development of Sustainable Building Materials, as  co-promotor
  5. Mladena Luković, Jan 2016, Interface Properties and Self-Healing of (ECC-like) Repair Material, as co-promotor
  6. Zhuqing Yu, May 2015, Microstructure, transport and service prediction of concrete blended with fly ash, as co-promotor
  7. Haoliang Huang, Nov 2014, Thermal dynamic Modelling of Autogenous Self-healing in Cementitious Materials, as co-promotor
  8. Yuwei Ma, October 2013, Microstructure and Engineering Properties of Alkali Activated Fly Ash, as co-promotor
  9. Qi Zhang, July 2013, Microstructure and Deterioration Mechanisms of Portland Cement Paste at Elevated Temperature, as co-promotor
  10. Ying Wang, June 2013, Performance e Assessment of Cement-based Materials Blended with Micronized Sand, as co-promotor 
  11. Mingzhong Zhang, April 2013, Multi-scale Lattice Botzman-Finite Element Modelling of Transport Properties in Cement-based Materials, as co-promotor 
  12. Lin Liu, October 2012, Service Life Prediction of Reinforced Concrete Under the Action of Coupling Factors - Freeze and Thaw with and without External Loading, as co-promotor
  13. Jian Zhou, Jan 2011, Performance of Engineered Cementitious Composites for Concrete Repairs, as co-promotor
  14. Nguyen Van Tuan, September 2011, Rice Husk Ash as Mineral Admixture for Ultra-high Performance Concrete, as co-promotor

Completed PhD students research projects (as promoter) in Ghent University

  1. Yang Lv, 2017, Smart materials for mitigating autogenous shrinkage of concrete, as co-promotor
  2. Kengpeng Zheng, 2017, Microstructural modelling to relate transport properties to chemically and mechanically induced changes in microstructure, as co-promotor
  3. Quoc Tri Phung, 2016, Effects of Carbonation and Calcium Leaching on Microstructure and Transport Properties of Cement Pastes, as co-promotor
  4. Zhijun Tan, 2015, Experimental study and numerical modelling of ternary cementitious system, as promotor
  5. Yun Gao, 2013, Multi-scale Approach to Study the Heterogeneity and Local Diffusivity of Ternary Cement-based Composites, as co-promotor

Complete master thesis projects

  1. Shizhe Zhang, March 2014 - 2015, Recycled Waste Glass as Binder Precursor and Partial Aggregate Replacement in Geopolymer.
  2. Madiha Ahammout, May 2011 – Jan 2012, The Feasibility of Using Activated Paper Recycled Minerals (Top-Crete) as Partial Cement Replacement
  3. Daniel Janssen, Dec, 2010 – 2011, Capsulation for self-healing
  4. Xia Hua, 2009-2010, Self-healing potential of ECC repair materials
  5. Walter de Vries, 2007 – 2008, Potential use of micro sand in construction
  6. Zhiwei Qian, 2007-2008, Micromechanics modelling of cementitious materials (co-supervision with dr. Erik Schlangen)
  7. Likun Tan, 2006-2007, Failure mechanisms in hydrating Cement Particle Systems.
  8. Jian Zhou, 2005-2006, Permeability and microstructure of blended cement