Ir. E.R. (Emanuele) Rossi


Current Position

  • PhD Student at Microlab, Section Materials&Environment, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, TU Delft, The Netherlands (Dec 2018-)


  • Material Scientist Graduating student, TNO, Netherlands (Dec 2017 – Oct 2018)
  • Material Scientist Intern, TNO, Netherlands (May 2017 – Sep 2017)
  • Shock Safe Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal (Feb 2017 – May 2017)
  • Structural Engineer Intern, Cesena, Italy (June 2015 – Sep 2015)

Education and Training

  • Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Specialization Building Engineering, Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands (Sep 2016-Oct 2018)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Building Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy (Oct 2013-July 2013)


During my studies in structural engineering, I focused my interests on durability of construction materials and especially on corrosion initiation and propagation of reinforced concrete structures. 

Currently I am working on improving the self-healing capacity of cementitious materials by the addition of waste-derived healing agents. Main point of my research is to evaluate if, and how, self-healing mechanisms improve the durability of concrete, especially with regard to its corrosion propagation resistance.

Tutoring MSc students at the Faculty of Aerospace for the course ASM508 “Designing self-healing materials”

Rossi, E., Polder, R.B., Nijland, T., Coporoglu, O., & Savija, B. The influence of defects at the steel/concrete interface for chlorideinduced pitting corrosion of naturally-deteriorated 20-years-old specimens studied through X-ray Computed Tomography. Construction and Building Materials 235 (2020) 117474

Emanuele Rossi

PhD candidate


Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3Md)

Materials and Environment