Ir. I.A. (Irving Alfredo) Flores Beltran


Bachelor in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Tecnol¤îgico de Monterrey, campus Monterrey. Focused on nanotechnology, and composite materials during last years of bachelor.

Master in Materials Science and Engineering at TU Delft, focused as well in nanotechnology and composites. Thesis work related to composite materials in maritime industry, particularly the application of fiber-reinforced polymers on the structure of vessels.

Currently, PhD candidate at TU Delft, and part of the Wool2Loop project funded by Horizon 2020.


My PhD work is focused on the 3D printing application of alkali-activated materials, particularly utilizing mineral wool waste from construction industry as principal component of 3D printable concrete mixtures.

Wool2Loop project which aims to close the life cycle of mineral wool waste in construction industry by utilizing it as precursor for alkali-activated concrete mixtures.


Irving Alfredo Flores Beltran

PhD candidate

Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3Md)

Materials and Environment