Ir. W.J. (Jeannette) van den Bos


Graduated in 1991 at TUD; Since that time (1991) employee at BAM (former HBG) as concrete specialist.

Experienced in concrete technology, early age crack control and durability, especially from the contractors point of view and involved in several innovations (cooling formwork, development of FeC3S, application self healing concrete).

Since 2006 part time PhD student


The PhD study is focussing on the curing of concrete in relation to the service life. Curing is prescribed in standards, but the question how to perform an adequate curing and what is an adequate curing is not easy to answer. To answer these questions the phenomenon curing is analysed into two processes: the consumption of the available water by hydration and the exchange of water to the environment. The interaction of these processes determines the result of the curing.

  • Betontechnologisch Adviseur (Betonvereniging)
  • W.J. Bouwmeester-van den Bos, H.E.J.G. Schlangen en K. van Breugel (2007), Surface zone modelling and its effect on the durability of concrete structures, Transport in concrete: nano- to macrostructure, Dusseldorf
  • W.J. Bouwmeester-van den Bos, E.A.B. Koenders en K. van Breugel (2007), Surface zone modelling based on the aggregate size distribution, Concrete under severe conditions, Tours
  • C. Kolyvas, H.E.J.G. Schlangen, en W.J. Bouwmeester-van den Bos, (2007), Influence of curing methods on transport properties of cover concrete, Transport mechanisms in cracked concrete, Leuven, Belgie
  • W.J. Bouwmeester-van den Bos en E. Schlangen (2008), Influence of curing on the pore structure of concrete, Tailor made concrete structures, fib congres Amsterdam
  • W.J. Bouwmeester – van den Bos, R.B. Polder, F. Lollini (2010), The effect of curing on the microstructure and chloride penetration resistance of concrete, Service Life Design 2010, Delft

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Jeannette van den Bos

PhD candidate


Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3Md)

Materials and Environment

Chair / Research:
Curing of Concrete

Jacqueline van Unen-Bergenhenegouwen

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