X. (Xingliang) Yao


Xingliang Yao is a visiting PhD researcher in Section Materials and Environment, TU Delft, supported by China Scholarship Council (CSC). He is from Shandong University, China. His project in China was preparation and utilization of sulfoaluminate cement from solid wastes. His proposed project in TU Delft is design and optimization of alkali activated cement from solid wastes, supervised by Dr. Guang Ye.

  • Yao X , Wang W , Liu M , et al. Synergistic use of industrial solid waste mixtures to prepare ready-to-use lightweight porous concrete[J]. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2019, 211:1034-1043.

Xingliang Yao

Visiting researcher

Jacqueline van Unen-Bergenhenegouwen