Available Master theses

In this section you will find descriptions of available graduation projects (Msc-thesis) and internships.

Prof. Hans van Lint

For possible master theses please follow the link to the Data Analytics and Traffic Simulation Lab website.

Prof. Lori Tavasszy

Traffic Modelling for sustainability and environmental forecasting 
Development of an optimization framework to foster collaboration in the landside air cargo supply chain
Measuring the Market Structure of the European TEN-T Network
Measuring the Efficiency of the European TEN-T Corridors Using Network DEA Approach
Een methode voor het bepalen en toerekenen van CO2 reductiekosten in de binnenvaart - Dutch only
Self-organizing parcel delivery (Primevision & DPD & TNO)
Making product delivery form the plants robust for traffic disruptions (ExxonMobil)
ABM of the nautical service chain in the port (TNO/Havenbedrijf Rotterdam)
Assessment of intermodal transport market performance on EU corridors (Panteia)
Crowdsourced parcel delivery in the Central Innovation District (Gemeente Den Haag/DHL/Nimber)
Innovations in the cargo supply chain (KLM Cargo)
Advanced choice models for ABM of Rotterdam City Logistics (Significance)
Freight trip generations model and optimization for horeca flows (Gemeente Rotterdam/Sligro)
Physical Internet Gaming based behavioural research (Ecole des Mines Paris)
Region-wide multi class dynamic traffic model (RWS/Havenbedrijf Rotterdam)
Multimodal transport chain model for NL freight corridors (RWS)
Impact of advanced ICT applications on safety of logistics operations (Inst. Fysieke Veiligheid)