In this section you will find descriptions of available graduation projects (Msc-thesis) and internships.

At this moment we are updating the list. Soon there will be a list of project available.

Prof. Lori Tavasszy

Development of an optimization framework to foster collaboration in the landside air cargo supply chain
Measuring the Market Structure of the European TEN-T Network
Measuring the Efficiency of the European TEN-T Corridors Using Network DEA Approach
Een methode voor het bepalen en toerekenen van CO2 reductiekosten in de binnenvaart - Dutch only
Self-organizing parcel delivery (Primevision & DPD & TNO)
Making product delivery form the plants robust for traffic disruptions (ExxonMobil)
ABM of the nautical service chain in the port (TNO/Havenbedrijf Rotterdam)
Assessment of intermodal transport market performance on EU corridors (Panteia)
Crowdsourced parcel delivery in the Central Innovation District (Gemeente Den Haag/DHL/Nimber)
Innovations in the cargo supply chain (KLM Cargo)
Advanced choice models for ABM of Rotterdam City Logistics (Significance)
Freight trip generations model and optimization for horeca flows (Gemeente Rotterdam/Sligro)
Physical Internet Gaming based behavioural research (Ecole des Mines Paris)
Region-wide multi class dynamic traffic model (RWS/Havenbedrijf Rotterdam)
Multimodal transport chain model for NL freight corridors (RWS)
Impact of advanced ICT applications on safety of logistics operations (Inst. Fysieke Veiligheid)