Prof dr ir Bart van Arem

Shubham Bhusari:
A methodology to modify Operational Design Domain of Lane Keeping System equipped vehicles

Marieke van Dijk:
Tsunami resiliency of transport network - A case study of the Tohoku region

Aiko Dokter:
Platooning strategies for CAVs considering traffic with mixed SAE levels

Paco Hamers:
Assessment of truck platooning controller in weaving areas using microsimulation

Jonathan Imang:
Travel behaviour and public transport network design for Paramaribo

Roy van Kuijck:
Modelling choice behaviour of MaaS in a Dutch urban context

Martijn Legene:
A Preparation for Self-Driving Vehicles

Robert Möhring:
Transportation system design including trends of urbanisation and aging society

Laureen Smit:
Will follow

Guy Versluys:
Generic Choice Model for Automated Parcel Delivery

Prof. Serge Hoogendoorn

Anne-Minke Bottema:
Will follow

Kristel van Bronsvoort:
DRT and shared bike potential in rural areas

Larissa Eggers:
The role of the social environment in choosing active modes for utilitarian travel

Alessio Gaspardo:
BRT vs LRT dilemma: Exploring people's references/attitudes

Ellis van Gorp:
Elderly and Public Transport

AnneMijn Hijner:
TBD possibly: Probablistic model afrode-based delay propagation

Menno Jager:
High frequent rail traffic on the corridor Schiphol-Amsterdam

Martijn van Kalmthout:
Will follow

Cristino Perez Lazaro:
Flood impacts on road traffic: a multilevel driving behavior analysis under flooding conditions

Eva Lehka:
Predicting Short Term Train Delays in the Dutch Rail Network

Suraj Kishoen Misier:
'Recursive Logit' vs 'Path Size Logit with BFS-LE route generation' in cyclist's route choice behavior analysis

Martijn Machielsen:
Evaluation Method for Signalised Intersections based on QQs data

Rishabh Mittal:
Sending shared space using 3D stereo vision

Marco van der Plas:
Route Choice Behaviour of cyclists in Amsterdam

Jasper Righolt:
Next Generation Classroom

Maarten Seerden:
Quantifying the impact of in-vehicle crowding on customer satisfaction in Public Transport: a Den Haag case sudy

Kalrav Shah:
Network design and optimization: A Swissloop Case

Lionel Soekander:
An integral design for safe private railway crossings

Prof dr Marjan Hagenzieker

Attila orsos:
Using Extreme Value Theory to predict crashes at a signalized intersection

Pui-Yuen Cheng:
Unknown yet

Anouk de Vries:
Cyclists' interactions with automated vehicles

Prof dr ir Hans van Lint

Vincent den Hertogh:
Predicting required length of green time for controlled intersection

Timo Faber:
Truck Platooning - micro-simulation study into the effects of merging truck platoons

Koen Arendsen:
Willingness to share

Prof dr ir Lori Tavasszy

Raouf Angudi:
Performance measurement in a multi stakeholder system

Devin Diran:
Integrated Optimized Logistics for the Offshore Transmission Grid in Germany and the Netherlands

Frederico Gatti:
Title will follow

Yunzhu He:
Title will follow

Ivana Saraber:
Collaborative air cargo Service Network Design with the evaluation of the impact of information sharing.

Anthi Tsilimeni-Archengelidi:
Opportunities of Smart Contracts in the physical trading of Crude Palm Oil

Satrio Wicaksono:
Exploring the Potential of Engaging Bicycle Commuters for Crowdsourced Last-Mile Delivery

Prof dr Rob Goverde

Thomas Grincell:            
Understanding train braking behaviour and the impact on track capacity

Ago Den Heijer:
Passenger punctuality, the impact of disruptions

Gerald Hoekstra:
Multimodal Networks

Bryan Widarno:
Will follow

Faye Jasperse:
Online disruption detection for the metro network of Washington

Yaroslav Kholodov:
Assessing Equity Impact of Fare Change on Transit Accessibility Using Smartcard Data: Case of Stockholm

Theo Liu:
Exploring the Potential on Rail Networks for Demand Responsive Rail Transport

Krissada Tundulyasaree:
Characterizing and Classifying Public Transport Networks from a Topological Perspective

Toshiya Yasaku:
An activity-based model for family gathering during an evacuation in the 2011 Tohoku tsunami

Ilias Bouhannouche:
Electrification of AGVs at container terminal

Charlotte Duynstee:
Data driven sustainable mobility analysis in the city of Amsterdam

Jeffrey Geudeke:
Anticipatory control of a small network

Gayatri Mujumdar:
Unknown yet

Thomas Mulder:
Cashew peeling factory logistics

Ank van Paassen:
Carsharing: the redefinition of car availability

Alex van der Plas:
Increase the reliability on the inbound process of the logistics operations at DSV Moerdijk

Nienke Pieters:
The role of morality in the choice for ADAS

Tim van Rugge:
Designing a centralised buffer system for the realisation of just-in-time delivery of air cargo to the aircraft stand

Debbie Smans:
Unknown yet

Sietze de Wit:
Unknown yet