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18 October 2018

Winners Young Researchers competition

Congratulations to Cristino Perez Lazaro and Panagiotis Tzouras, two MSc students from Transport & Planning, who won the 2nd place for best papers from young researchers (<35 years) with their paper 'Illegal Parking in Urban Streets: Connection with the Geometric Characteristics and its Mitigation through Traffic Calming Measures' at the conference 5th Pan-Hellenic Conference on Planning and Regional Development!

02 October 2018

Save the date: Launch of the Smart Public Transport Lab Delft

27 September 2018

Start of UMO: in-depth research into urban mobility

13 September 2018

2018 INFORMS Railway Applications Section Student Paper Award

15 August 2018

Marjan Hagenzieker nieuw lid van de Raad van Toezicht van het CBR

De minister van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat, Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, heeft per 1 augustus prof. dr. Marjan Hagenzieker benoemd tot lid van de Raad van Toezicht van het CBR.

01 August 2018

ERC Starting Grant for new models of Mobility as a Service

Oded Cats is one of the seven TU Delft researchers awarded with an ERC Starting Grant. The European Research Council has awarded the grants (1,5 million euros for a five-year programme) which are intended to support scientists who are in the early stages of their career and have already produced excellent supervised work.

28 February 2018

Can free public transport really reduce pollution?

The German government proposes making public transport free in its 5 most polluted cities, including Berlin. Dr. Oded Cats shared in interviews to German media his views based on research he conducted for the case of Tallinn, Estonia, which introduced free-fare public transport in 2013. Research results do not provide evidence that the measure proposed by the German government will achieve its objective.

28 February 2018

Participants wanted for Crossing behaviour in Virtual Reality

25 January 2018

NWO TTP grant for Prof. Hans van Lint

Professor Hans van Lint has received an NWO TTP grant of 1.3 million euros for the MiRRORS project; Multiscale integrated traffic observatory for large road networks.

13 December 2017

Female participants wanted for driving simulator research