Practical information

Programme at a glance

The (tentative) programme for the conference is as follows:

Program Traffic and Granular Flow 2015

Tuesday 27 October

Wednesday 28 October

Thursday 29 October

Friday 30 October

8:30    coffee
9:00    opening
9:10    keynote Ludovic Leclercq
10:00    session 1 (3 pres)
11:00    coffee break
11:20    session 2 (4 pres)
12:40    lunch

8:30    coffee
9:00    keynote Dirk Helbing
9:50    session 5 (3 pres)
10:50    coffee break
11:10    session 6 (4 pres)
12:30    lunch

8:30    coffee
9:00    keynote Charlotte Hemelrijk
9:50    session 8 (3 pres)
10:50    coffee break
11:10    session 9 (4 pres)
12:30    farewell lunch
13:30    end

13:40    session 3 (4 pres)
15:00    coffee break
15:20    poster session 1
16:10    session 4 (4 pres)
17:30    make group picture
17:45    end

13:30    session 7 (3 pres)
14:30    coffee break
14:50    poster session 2
16:00    end

17:00 welcome drinks

19:00 end

18:30    dinner
21:00    end

16:15    departure for social event
17:00    social event
19:00    conference dinner
22:30    back in hotel

Full program

The tentative full program is also available for download (here - version 26 October). It is subject to changes. The book of abstracts can be found here.


The conference will be held at the Van der Valk hotel in Nootdorp, near The Hague and Delft. For information, visit their website at The conference location is reachable from Amsterdam airport (the main international airport, also known as Schiphol airport) as well as Rotterdam-The Hague airport.

How to reach from Amsterdam Schiphol airport:
Public transport: Take the train from the airport to Den Haag Laan van NOI (approximately 30 minutes, frequency 2 times per hour direct intercity train, 2 times per hour direct stop train (36 minutes), and 2 times per hour with a change at Leiden). At Den Haag Laan van NOI take the Randstad Rail to Nootdorp (line E, dirction Slinge) for 5 stops (11 minutes trip time, 10 minutes headway). The final walk is approximately 15 minutes. Total travel time is approximately 1 hour. This involves changing to another mode. Alternatively, you might take the train from Schiphol to Den Haag Centraal, and change to a train to Den Haag Ypenburg, and walk the last 15 minutes. This will cost approximately 10 euro per person.
If you prefer to take a taxi: they are available at Schiphol and Den Haag Laan van NOI. Note that taxis are expensive. A trip from Schiphol will cost more than 100 euro (30 minutes travel time). If you prefer a taxi from Schiphol: we arranged a fixed price (87 euros for up to 4 people, 97,50 for 5-8 people) beforehand here; use the disount code TGF15 (or phone +31 15 219 1919)

From Den Haag NOI station the trip is approximately 10-15 minutes by taxi, and will cost approximately 25 euro. Taxi prices are based on a regular vehicle (4 passengers maximum), and independent on the number of passengers. Taxi vans (up to 8 passengers) are roughly 50% more expensive (total cost).

How to reach from Rotterdam-The Hague airport:
Public transport: Take bus 33 (only bus line stopping) towards Rotterdam Meijersplein (not to Rotterdam Central Station!), 5 minutes (bus headway 15 minutes). Change to lightrail E direction Den Haag Centraal for 9 minutes (train headway 10 minutes). The final walk is approximately 15 minutes. Total travel time is approximately 40 minutes.
Taxi: it takes approximately 20 minutes in free flow travel time, but note the strech is know to be congested in peak hours (7.30-9.00 and 16.00 to 18.00). It will cost approximately 50 euro.

For a description to get to (or from) the other two hotels to one of the airports or to the conference hotel,  see Google Maps, which also provide a good overview of the accessibility by public transport.

Buying public transport tickets

Train tickets should be bought before entering the train, using the yellow machines. Tickets for the lightrail can be bought in the train (coins only); tickets for the bus can be bought with the driver. 

Room reservations

Special discounted room rates are available for the participants of TGF15. Via the site, also two other hotels can be booked, which are cheaper but require travel time to and from the conference location. Public transport travel times are 20 minutes for Movenpick Voorburg and 40 minutes for the Campanille hotel. For all hotels, the number of rooms is limited, so please make your reservation in advance.
*Update* We managed to extend the period and secure some extra rooms which are available for the same price in the conference hotel. Reservations can be made on a first come, first-served basis.


The following registration costs apply

Before 1 September:
Standard registration EUR 450
Student registration (Master and PhD) EUR 400
After 1 September (late registration)
Standard late registration EUR 550
student late registration EUR 460

This includes: welcome reception; lunches on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; Conference dinner on Wednesday; and social event including diner on Thursday. Attending does not change the cost, but during registration you are asked to indicated which of these events you will attend for organisational purposes.

Keynote talks

Keynote talks will be given by:

  • Ludovic Leclercq (University of Lyon)
  • Charlotte Hemelrijk (Groningen University)
  • Dirk Helbing (ETH Zurich)