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08 December 2016

Serious game research: fleeing an earthquake

Serious game research: fleeing an earthquake

During natural disasters, such as an earthquake, people make choices: should I stay or leave? Should I walk or take the car? These choices have an impact on the number of people injured or killed. To explore the factors that influence these choices, doctoral candidate Mignon van den Berg worked with Japanese researchers from the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo on the development of the serious game ‘Everscape’. Mignon van den Berg will be awarded her doctorate at TU Delft on Monday 12 December.

25 November 2016

Participants needed for Driving Simulator Experiment

Paul van Gent is looking for participants for a Driving Simulator Experiment as part of the 'Taking the Fast Lane' project.

24 November 2016

Interaction between pedestrians & self-driving vehicles - participants needed!

Are you willing to help in a research regarding the reactions of pedestrians when interacting with different types of vehicles? Do you have 50 minutes of spare time and would you like to get a gift voucher of 10 € while helping a student carrying out her MSc thesis? Then this might be interesting for you!

17 October 2016

Vacancy: PhD Lane-Specific Traffic Control

Travel times on motorways can vary depending on the lane a driver chooses to drive on when traffic is not well-balanced over the available lanes. This project will develop a first of its kind lane-specific motorway traffic state control system using both road side variable message signs and in-vehicle lane guidance to improve traffic flow efficiency.

20 September 2016

Serge Hoogendoorn benoemd tot Distinguished Professor

Professor Serge Hoogendoorn van de faculteit Civiele Techniek en Geowetenschappen (CiTG) is per 1 september 2016 benoemd tot Distuinguished Professor op het gebied van Smart Urban Mobility (SUM). Hoogendoorn is een internationaal erkend expert als het gaat om verkeersstromen en dynamisch verkeersmanagement.

17 June 2016

The future of autonomous driving in 8 papers

The future of autonomous driving in 8 papers

Autonomous vehicles are coming to our streets. We don ‘t know yet all the shapes and sizes they will come in and how they will fit into our lives. This is precisely why researchers – with expertise ranging from technology to social sciences – are investigating the impact of autonomous vehicles on our lives and on the way cities will be designed in the future.

30 May 2016

Lorant Tavasszy appointed as full professor “Freight Transport & Logistics”

Starting 1 September 2016, Prof. Dr. Ir. Lorant A. Tavasszy has been appointed as full professor “Freight Transport & Logistics” at Delft University of Technology. His research and education will focus on the analysis, modelling and forecasting of transport processes and transport flows over sea, inland water, rail, road and combinations thereof.

24 May 2016

‘Matrix signs, rush-hour lanes and regulated slip roads more effective than anticipated’

‘Matrix signs, rush-hour lanes and regulated slip roads more effective than anticipated’

Solutions to reduce traffic jams often involve more asphalt and tolls, while less attention is paid in public debate to measures such as matrix signs, rush-hour lanes and regulated entry on slip roads. Yet these measures may have more impact than first anticipated. As suggested by improved models which take account of unpredictable factors such as weather and fluctuating traffic flow. On Thursday 26 May, Simeon Calvert will be awarded his PhD at TU Delft for his work on the subject.

18 May 2016

Wanted: people to fill in a survey concerning lane choice on motorways

Marco de Baat is looking for people who want to fill in his survey which information is needed for his MSc thesis.

10 May 2016

Looking for driving simulator participants for MSc thesis

Matthijs de Ruyter is looking for people who wants to join his driving simulator experiment. He will use the data for his MSc thesis.