Freight & Logistics Lab

Consumers and industry are both dependent on daily access to goods. Strategic investments in infrastructure networks, smart information technology and an efficient organization of services are all needed to make freight and logistics systems function effectively. Digitalization and globalization of supply chains bring exciting new opportunities to improve service levels in a socially and environmentally sustainable way.

Important objects of research in our lab include automated container transport, ports in the physical internet, optimized air cargo terminals, intermodal and synchromodal transport and sustainable urban freight systems. Researchers investigate behavioural aspects of supply chain decision making, design advanced freight systems and develop mathematical models to forecast flows or optimise logistic networks. Logistics and freight transport are viewed from both the private and public (societal) perspectives, in order to be able to help solve the world’s grand challenges including mobility for people and goods, resilience of economies and environmental and social sustainability.

The F&L lab is a co-operative lab within the TU Delft and joins the forces of research groups within 6 Faculties of the University, each with its own specialized focus. Together, the groups create a strong, socially oriented technological proposition for the industry, for government and for civil society. We collaborate with the Dutch Logistics Top Sector partners (Dinalog, TNO and many industry partners), SmartPort (with the Rotterdam Port Authority, Deltalinqs, the City of Rotterdam and Erasmus University), NGOs such as the Smart Freight Center, as well as international groups such as the European Technology Platform ALICE, the OECD’s International Transport Forum, the international development banks and the Volvo Research and Education Foundation.