Safe and efficient operation of AutoMated and human drivEN vehicles in mixed traffic

Automated Vehicles (AVs) will soon be deployed in traffic. This will lead to a situation where these vehicles will coexist with Human Driven Vehicles (HDVs) on the same road network. How human drivers will react and interact with AVs? and how AVs could interact with HDVs? This is what we will focus on in this project. We want to understand and model the interactions between human-driven and automated vehicles. In this project behavioural theories and models will be developed and validated for the interactions between AVs and HDVs using a hybrid approach for data collection. We will underpin the behavioural theory using empirical data that we will collect from field tests using AVs. We will use advanced interactive driving simulators to study the interactions between AVs and HDVs. We will scale up the resulting interaction models in a dedicated traffic flow simulation platform to evaluate the implications of mixed traffic on traffic flow and safety.

SAMEN, a 4-year project led by Dr. ir. Haneen Farah and funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). 

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