Dr. F. (Fariya) Sharmeen


Dr. Fariya Sharmeen has a background in Urban and Regional Planning with specialisations in travel behaviour, social networks and urban regeneration. She has a dual affiliation with Radboud University and Delft University of Technology on two research projects funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

Her research interest encompasses the social contexts of urban and transportation planning. She has published in the leading journals of transportation and received accolades for her research. Previously she held academic positions at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Cities Institute UK, Utrecht University and Imperial College London.


In recent years, understanding the governance of smart and sustainable mobility transitions is at the forefront of Fariya’s research efforts. She is has been studying

  • governance and policy evaluation of demand driven transit systems,
  • alliance formation strategies and business ecosystem of Mobility-As-a-Service (MaaS) systems using game-theoretical approach,
  • policy diffusion and spatial equity aspects of new generation mobility services and infrastructures (bicycle highways),
  • individuals' behavioural traits and policy responses towards cycling innovations (e-bikes).
  • peer effects and biases in decision making
  • end user roles in smart mobility transitions in developing nations

Research Awards:

  • Professor Piet Rietveld Award
    Outstanding PhD dissertation in transportation defended between 2013 and 2015 in Benelux region. Awarded by BIVEC-GIBET in 2017.

  • Postgraduate Award
    Best Paper in Transport Geography Research Group, Royal Geographic Society (with IBG) Annual Conference, 2013.

Fariya Sharmeen


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