F. (Fanchao) Liao MSc


Dr. Fanchao Liao is a postdoc at the Department of Transport and Planning. She did her PhD in the Transport and Logistics Section at TU Delft.


Her main research interest is modelling people’s decision making behaviour using different statistical techniques. Currently she is working on the eHUBS project investigating people’s preference for mobility hubs equipped with multiple electric transport modes (such as EVs and e-bikes). Previously during PhD she studied consumer preference for electric vehicles, with a focus on the impact of different business models on vehicle buyers’ decision-making.

eHUBS – Smart Shared Green Mobility Hubs

Fanchao Liao


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Dr.ir. F. Liao


Research interests

Fanchao Liao is currently a PhD candidate in the Transport and Logistics section in Faculty of Technology Policy and Management. Her research interests span a wide range of topics in innovative transportation technologies and choice behaviour modelling, specifically on how insights from cognitive science can increase behavioural realism in models of human choice. Her dissertation will mainly focus on consumer preferences for electric vehicles. 

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