ir. G.K. (Koen) de Clercq


My name is Koen de Clercq and I am doing my PhD research at the T&P department about the design of future mobility systems. My supervisor is Dr. M. Snelder and my promoter is Prof.dr. B. van Arem. I studied Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in BioRobotics at TU Delft. I wrote my master thesis about the effects of external human-machine interfaces of autonomous vehicles on the crossing behavior of pedestrians, guided by Riender Happee.


My PhD research is about the design of future mobility systems for the SUMMAlab project. I will perform research on how to develop a transport model incorporating multiple transport modi using different computational methods (e.g. multinomial legit models and network fundamental diagrams).

ir. Koen de Clercq

PhD student


Monday to Friday