Dr. M. (Milan) Janic

Dr. Milan Janić is senior researcher at the Department of Transport & Planning, and Research Professor at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering of the University of Belgrade (Belgrade, Serbia). He works in the analysis, modelling, planning, and design of passenger and freight transport systems and particularly air transport systems consisting of airports, airlines, and ATC (Air Traffic Control).

Previously, Janić was leader of the research programme at the OTB Research Institute (TU Delft), senior researcher at the Manchester Metropolitan and Loughborough University (UK), and at the Institute of Transport of the Slovenian Railways (Ljubljana, Slovenia). He authored several books: “Transport Systems: Modelling, Planning, and Evaluation”,  “Advanced Transport Systems: Analysis, Modelling, and Evaluation of Performances”, “Greening Airports: Advanced Technology and Operations”, “Airport Analysis, Planning and Design: Demand, Capacity and Congestion”, “The Sustainability of Air Transportation: A Quantitative Analysis and Assessment”, and “Air Transport System Analysis and Modelling: Capacity, Quality of Services and Economics”. He is co-author of the book “Transportation Engineering: Theory, Practice and Modeling”. 

Milan Janic

Senior Researcher

Dr. Dipl.-Ing. M. M Janić MSc MRes