Dr. V.L. (Victor) Knoop

Dr. Victor Knoop is associate professor at the Department of Transport & Planning. His main research interest lies in traffic dynamics. His research focuses on how driver movements create effects at the level of a traffic stream. Moreover, he increases the scale of traffic description to an even higher level, analysing effects of multiple roads combined into a single zone.

In 2009, Knoop obtained his PhD degree (on Road Incidents and Network Dynamics - Effects on driving behaviour and traffic congestion) from Delft University of Technology. He was recently awarded a Veni grant by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) for his proposal "Integrated driving behaviour theory and modelsā€¯. He is editor of the journal Collective Dynamics.  

He supervises PhD students and is lecturer in the Traffic Flow Theory and Simulation Master's course The emphasis in my teaching lies in making students understand traffic operations: what are relevant properties, and which are the phenomena in traffic.  

Victor Knoop

Associate Professor

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